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Frequently Asked Questions for Business Merchant Account Card Processing and ACH

How does this work?

Your customers are given the cash price for their purchases, and then they simply decide to pay cash, ACH, or standard price for paying with a Card.

I'm a business owner in Florida that's ready to start saving money, what is my first step?

Contact us today to get a free cost saving analysis, where you can see a break down of your current fees verses the potential savings of our merchant processing program.

What Merchant Processor Are the Transactions Processed Through?

Your transactions will be securely processed through Authorize.net, which is a highly respected company with advanced fraud protection to help prevent transactions that could be potentially fraud.

Do I, as the business owner, pay any percentage of the credit card processing fee?

No, at the time of purchase, the customer is given a cash discount price and will then decide how they want to pay.